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Casey - Kingsland Pde

15 spaces in 5 areas

Entry Entry to all five areas is off Kingsland Parade. Two parking areas are on the southern edge of the shopping centre and three are in the main car park.

Nearby features/facilities Casey Market Town

Kingsland Pde, Casey   1 & 2

Kingsland Pde, Casey   3

Kingsland Pde, Casey   4

Kingsland Pde, Casey   5

Gungahlin - Gozzard St

8 spaces

Entry Enter off Gozzard Street near the corner of The Valley Avenue and ride towards the main entranceĀ of Gungahlin College. The parking area is to the right of the main entrance.

Nearby features/facilities Gungahlin College, Gungahlin Library, Gungahlin Shopping Centre

Gozzard Street, Gungahlin

Gungahlin - Hinder St

8 spaces in 2 areas, undercover

Entry Turn off Hinder Street into the Coles undercover car park (free, no parking fee). Parking is at the bottom of the ramp on the right hand side.

Nearby features/facilities Coles

Hinder Street 1, Gungahlin

Hinder Street 2, Gungahlin

Mitchell - Sandford St

5 spaces

Entry Directly on Sandford Street

Nearby features/facilities Motocentral

Sandford St, Mitchell