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Chisholm - Benham St

2 spaces

Entry Enter directly off Benham Street

Nearby features/facilities Chisholm Village Shopping Centre

Benham St, Chisholm

Chisholm - Halley St

3 spaces

Entry Enter from Halley Street

Nearby features/facilities Chisholm Shopping Centre


Conder - Balcombe St

4 spaces in 2 areas

Entry Enter off Balcombe Street, Conder - beware the one way system.

Nearby features/facilities Lanyon Marketplace


Greenway - Cowlishaw St

16 spaces

Entry Enter from Cowlishaw Street or Reed Street North.

Nearby features/facilities Tuggeranong Hyperdome, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Tuggeranong Library, Tuggeranong Community Centre


Greenway - Pitman St

20 spaces, undercover

Entry Enter the parking area from Pitman Street and follow the outside route past the Stardust Childcare Centre. Parking area is on your left hand side. This parking area exits to Pitman Street or Reed Street North.

Nearby features/facilities Tuggeranong Hyperdome Shopping Centre

Route to parking area


Parking area


Greenway - Reed St North

9 spaces, undercover

Entry Enter the multistorey parking area from Reed Street North and follow the one way system then take the second turn on your right (between the columns painted with a green 1 and 2). Parking area is straight ahead and near the escalators that are enclosed in glass. This parking area exits to Reed Street North or Pitman Street.

Nearby features/facilities Tuggeranong Hyperdome


Greenway - Scollay St

7 spaces, some locking bars, undercover

Entry Enter at the junction of  Scollay Street and Reed Street North. Stay on ground level  and go straight ahead and curve around past the entrance to the shops. Parking area is on your left hand side under an escalator.

Nearby features/facilities Tuggeranong Hyperdome


Wanniassa - Comrie St

12 spaces, locking bars

Entry Enter off Comrie Street or Grattan Court.

Nearby features/facilities Erindale Shopping Centre